Thank you for your interest in my blog and viewing my profile.

Allow me introduce myself before I explain why I need to release my blog.

My name is Leonidas Stergiou. I am a journalist, and have been a political and economic analyst for more than 20 years. During my career, I held senior management positions in major publishing and media organizations. Currently, I am concentrating on my publishing activities and development of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in the publishing and media sectors in cooperation with high-tech startups and specialists around the world.

If you asked me a few years ago about my needs for a personal blog, I would have said, “Who cares about my thoughts?” I have not changed my mind; however, another need became apparent in the meantime. I wanted to trigger people to exchange ideas and knowledge. I see my blog as a teaser to trigger brainstorming and open a dialogue for all interesting aspects of our perpetually changing world from culture and career/family balance to economics and geopolitical issues.

I have worked as a financial analyst and reporter for over two decades. Thus, I cannot hide my interest in economics and the financial world. Economy is tied up with politics and geopolitics, hence, I cannot separate them.

My family -from my grandfather to my dad- worked in publication either as publishers or journalists and authors. Publishing is second nature to me. Once I touch a newspaper or a book, I try to feel the paper in my fingers. It is my first reaction; the quality and the weight of the paper. At the same time, I am impressed by the technological achievements in the publishing sector. Unfortunately, most publishers cannot see the market growing. Instead, they distance themselves from the trends and see their business deteriorating.

Content is everything. It transfers messages and feelings. It is everything we can touch, see, smell, or hear, and it makes us wiser. I hope one day all people can access and create their own content. We will all become richer!

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, media integration and other tools will boost our industry, improve the content quality and will specifically increase audience awareness. All these tools will create new and intriguing content which will unveil currently unknown interests and possibilities. They will create technologies which will give people with disabilities access to content.

Content is king in publishing. Devices and software are the medians. The audience is the reason why publishing exists. As the publishing sector creates content and reaches out to new audiences, our sector will continue to exist. If we only concentrate on the distribution channels and the content delivery but not on the content creation and our audience’s needs, we will die soon. Content distributors will succumb as well because they will not have the material to deliver. Obviously, social media has increased because they created a new kind of content. However, without original and continuous new and innovative content that meets the current needs, the media will lose their reason for existence.

I invite you share with me your thoughts and contribute to our discussion for a better world. In my view, books, publishing and media support democracy, freedom, culture, education, and most importantly, a better life.

Welcome to my blog, feel free to express your thoughts; I will support you even if we disagree.

Let’s create some fruitful brainstorming and bring great ideas into reality.



Some more information about me

Leonidas Stergiou – SKAI TV, 2016

Place of birth: Athens, Greece
Date of birth: 21 May 1974
Education: Economics & Engineering – Industrial Management and Technology (BSc), Business Administration (MSc)
Career: Journalist, editor in chief, project manager, publisher
Hobby: Publishing, content visualization, music